About Us

Hi! My name is Lynda, I am the owner/creator of LIB Designs. The face behind the brand, this is me!

I've always loved and had a passion for doing my nails and getting them done. I used to get my nails done at a salon often, and I felt so beautiful. I just adored the experience. The pandemic changed a lot for many, and well, I started doing my own nails at home to save money, Youtube was my friend! That's when my DIY nail journey began.

In 2020, I started with colorstreet, then moved to gel manicures (which I love and still do!), then dip powder manicures, and I started teaching myself everything nails. I wanted to go to nail tech school, but the schedule wasn't as accommodating as I needed. I started seeing luxury press on nails everywhere, and I thought it would be a great alternative way for me to provide nail services to clients instead of going to school. I truly fell in love with the possibilities, uniqueness, and nail artistry.

I started diving in and doing my research in spring 2022 and decided I wanted to start a business. I worked on my brand and business preparing myself and launched my business in January 2023. I have a career as a full-time Licensed Veterinary Technician which is amazing! Working with animals is truly rewarding.

I share my life with my two dachshunds, Mulan and Trooper. I look forward to connecting and meeting all of you. I want to create chic, beautiful nails for you so you can flaunt your style with LIB Designs! 💜