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What are Luxury press on nails

Luxury press on nails are temporary nail enchancements. They are 100% high quality, soft gel nails. Our luxury press on nails are customizable, reusable and durable.They can be applied with adhesive nail tabs or our premium quality nail glue. 

Can designs be recreated that I saw on the internet or from another artist work

Yes! You can email us or send us a direct message on instagram a design you’re interested in. We can discuss specific details on how you would like the design made and changes requested. With respect to another artist work we will not copy the design exactly but can recreate it to customize a design that you’re happy with. If a design cannot be created within our artistic abilities we reserve the right to decline to design the set. However, we hope we can create and design a set that you will absolutely love!

Why do I need a sizing kit

We recommend purchasing a sizing kit Sizing kits are a custom service we offer at LIB Designs and are required when ordering a custom design set. Sizing kits will take the guess work out of measuring your nails manually and provide a more accurate and customized sizing. Sizing kits will ensure you get the best fit every time. We want you to have natural looking nails every time, sizing kits are what we recommend to achieve that. We offer FREE shipping on all our sizing kits. 

How do I place an order

Visit ourLet’s get startedon our home page. In 3 easy steps this will walk you through the process of placing your order, and you will  have salon quality nails at your doorstep in no time!

How do I size my nails

Watch this tutorial on how to size your nails: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpsoouWtw9D/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

Step 1: Start from thumb to pinky, using the sizes provided

Step 2 : Place the sizing kit nail on your natural nail. It should sit comfortably on your nail bed. Your want to apply gentle pressure but not force the nail down. 

Step 3: It should fit sidewall to sidewall, not overlapping touching your skin or on top of your cuticles. 

Step 4: If the nail is overlapping, it is to big and you should size down. If the nail is not fitting sidewall to sidewall and you have to push the nail down on your nailbed, it's to small size up. 

Step 5: Measure all your nails as each nail can be different sizes, which is totally normal. Write your sizes on the nail sizing guide provided for future reference. 

How do I apply my press on nails

Watch this tutorial on how to apply your press on nails: 


Try not to wash your hands in soapy water at least one hour prior to press on nail application. As our nails can hold moisture, this might contribute to nails lifting prematurely

Step 1: Use your cuticle pusher to push back cuticles and expose more of the natural nail. Use the cuticle pusher to remove any dead skin on and around the cuticles. This will help your press on nail adhere as close to the cuticle as possible for a more natural look. 

Step 2: File and shape your natural nails to your desired look 

Step 3: Buff your natural nails to even out your nail beds ready for press on nail application 

Step 4: Use alcohol wipe to cleanse and dehydrate nails, of any oils, dust and debris

Step 5: Apply nail glue to cover the entire nail bed and a small amount inside your press on nail to reduce air bubbles and allow for proper adhesion. Try not to flood your nails or cuticles but use enough glue for effective application. 

Step 6: Apply press on nail at a 45° angle, press flat and even on nail bed, hold for 60 seconds firmly. Apply as close to the cuticle but making sure not on top as this can cause lifting.

Step 7: Repeat steps on all your nails. After application, apply your cuticle oil or cream and enjoy your new fabulous manicure!

How do I remove my press on nails

Watch this tutorial on how to remove your press on nails: 


Step 1: Soak your nails in warm, soapy water with added cuticle oil or any oil of your choice. (I used olive oil here)

Step 2: Use cuticle pusher flat end provided in your application kit to gently lift nails *If not lifting easily, soak nails longer, do not force your nails off as this can damage your natural nails*

Step 3: Buff gently any leftover glue off of your natural nails.

If residual glue is left behind, you can apply a small amount of acetone to a cotton ball or lint free wipe and soak for 30sec-1min. This will dissolve the glue instantly. 
⚠️This tip is optional, and this method works best for me. 

Step 4: Use alcohol to remove any dust and debris left from buffing to cleanse your natural nails 

Most importantly, apply your cuticle oil or cream to your nails to replenish and rehydrate them, and now you're ready for your next press on nail application! 

How do I re-use my press on nails

Watch this tutorial on how to reuse your press on nails: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CvXbK4quGpq/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

LIB Designs are durable and reusable. Get up to 3-5x uses out of your luxury press on nails! Using one of these 3 methods!

✨️ E-FILE Method:
The E-file is the most efficient and quickest way to remove the residual glue from your press on nails. You can use them at the lowest speed and gently remove the majority of the build-up from the inside of the nail. These can be purchased from Amazon or your local beauty supply if available. ⚠️ Disclaimer: If you are not proficient or have experience with an E-file, you may want to utilize one of the other methods below. 

The buffer block is included with your nail application kit. You can elect to use it whole or cut it down to fit inside the nail to buff the residual glue. Once you cut it down, it will fit precisely so you can buff as much of the glue as possible. This method will take longer but will still help remove the majority of the residual glue. 

This trick was suggested in my community in place of an E-file to use a sanding band on the end of a pencil. I decided to re-engineer that and came up with the dual end sanding bands. You can use an eyeshadow applicator and place the sanding bands on either side. The eyeshadow sponge will secure the sanding band snug enough, and you can use it to buff away the residual nail glue. This method gives you two bands! It will take longer but will still help remove the majority of the residual glue.

What is included with my press on nail order


10 Custom Gel Press On Nails

Nail Application Kit:

- Premium nail glue 

- Nail buffer block

- Cuticle pusher/cleaner

- Micro cotton swab 

- Alcohol prep pads (2)

- Nail file

- Adhesive tabs (available upon request)

Application & Removal instructions 

Tips for long lasting nails guide

Cuticle Oil (complimentary, 1st time customers) 

How long will my press ons last

LIB Designs luxury press on nails can last 2+ weeks or longer with proper nail prep and care. We provide tips for long lasting nails in your application kit package. 

What shapes and lengths do you offer

Round: XXS, XS, Short

Oval: XS

Almond: XXS, XS, Short, Medium

Square: XS, Short, Medium, Long Sculpture

Coffin: XS, Short (Ballerina), Long Sculpture

Stiletto: Medium 

What are your processing & shipping times

Visit ourShop policiesfor our processing and shipping times